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Stay-in Retreat for Lovers

More than 300 couples in Singapore have been impacted by a "Maximum Marriage Lovers Retreat".

This is a stay-in weekend retreat for married couples to work through on their relationship with the tools promoted in the book, "Maximum Marriage - From Husband and Wife to Lovers For Life".

Co-author, Steven and Michelle regularly facilitate this retreat to share their personal marriage journey to help couples grow from whatever level their marriage is in, towards their very own Maximum Marriage.

Such retreats are typically organized by churches and conducted as either a 2-day  or 3-day stay-in event an a resort or hotel.

For effective learning, a maximum of 20 couples are accepted into one retreat. These couples are given much private discussion time about their relationship after every session.

If you are keen to conduct a Maximum Marriage Lovers Retreat for your organization, send an email to

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