Press Releases / Media

Sep 2019 - Elim AG Church completed their 3rd Maximum Marriage Lovers Retreat over 3 days and 2 nights with another 10 couples.

Feb 2019 - Another 20 couples impacted by Maximum Marriage Lovers Retreat.   More details here ....

Sep 2018 - Number of couples who attended Maximum Marriage Lovers Retreat crosses 220 mark .... read more here.

Aug 2017 - Author Steven Chan interviewed by popular radio station host, Eugene Loh on "A Slice of Life" at FM938Live! Listen now

May 2019 - Ang Mo Kio Presbyterian Church conducted their inaugural Maximum Marriage Lovers Retreat. 

Jan 2019 - The book Maximum Marriage is launched on with print and eBook versions. Get a copy here.

Feb 2018 - Author Steven Chan launches Maximum Marriage 3-minute tips on Youtube. Watch them now.

Apr 2017 - Maximum Marriage Book Launched by Fellowship of Fathers Foundation and Family First Asia. Read more .....

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